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Topic Started: Feb 9 2017, 06:17 PM (62 Views)
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Jeremy Smalls
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Posted Image
Real Name: Jeremy Smalls
Alias: Mr. Smalls
Age: 47
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 230lb

Jeremy is able to transform into a sentient chunk of green biomass. His body is composed of a flexible, amorphous substance that can be manipulated in a variety of ways, he is very resistant to physical assault. Jeremy did not discover his powers until his late forties, when he was hit by a moving truck.

Posted Image Shape Shifting - Jeremy is capable of mimicking any life form after having touched them. Currently he has only come into contact with most domestic animals, as well as some zoo-animals. He is incapable of accurately mimicking behaviour or powers. Jeremy's shape shifting also extends to his own body, he can expand or simply generate additional limbs. Even the smallest part of Jeremy recognises other parts of Jeremy and will always try to reform. He is capable of full liquidation.
Posted Image Bio-organic Digestion - Jeremy is easily capable of countering any physical attack as his body is a partial liquid and easily reforms after an attack. However, in the case that Jeremy should have part of his body permanently severed or damaged beyond repair, Jeremy can quickly digest organic matter to generate more biomass. The larger Jeremy gets, the more intelligent he becomes.
Posted Image Superhuman Strength - Jeremy's body has a high level of raw strength, capable of carrying 3 tonnes of weight (albeit with some adjustments to his shape). Jeremy is able to retain form under high pressure situations and on high gravity planets.
Posted Image Telepathic Resistance - Jeremy's consciousness is spread evenly across each of his many of thousands of molecules, meaning each one is capable of individual thought. However, when these molecules are together, their collective brainpower collaborates giving him seemingly human intellect. Because of this unusual method of thinking, most telepaths (even those of the highest order) can have trouble influencing or detecting him.

Character Limitations

Posted Image Vibrations - Jeremy is uniform and has an achievable resonating frequency. Vibrating at this frequency causes Jeremy to explode and prevents him from reforming.
Posted Image Core Temperature - Jeremy is mostly liquid, and although he keeps himself together through "brain" power, he is susceptible to being frozen. Jeremy begins to freeze at -15oC and his "hardness" gradually increases approaching that point. As with all liquids, being exposed to the cold doesn't instantly freeze them to the core.
Posted Image Electricity - Jeremy's body explodes outwards when its comes into contact with a high voltage. However, he is quickly capable of reforming. Jeremy is also an excellent electrical conductor, meaning even a low current passing through can prevent him from taking form.
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